Action Plan

Action plan for 2019-2020

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme for 1000 Students of Gujarat.
  • Training on Climate Change and its Impact on Horticulture and Building Climate Smart Horticulture Farmers of 16 District(1600 Farmers) of Gujarat with the Support of Horticulture Department ,Government of Gujarat and All State Agricultural Universities "
  • National Level Round Table Meet on” Doubling of Income of Farmers-Way forward for the Stakeholders In June 2019 Supported by ICAR, Government of India.
  • National Workshop on strengthen Climate related services for building climate Smart Farmers in July 2019 Supported by MoES ,Ministry of Earth Science, Government of India
  • Prepare the Module of Doubling of Income and give training to farmers, Sarpanch and other Government officers and KVK team.
  • Participate in COP -25 –UNFCCC meet
  • Exchange Visit of Gujarat team to USA, FAMU for transfer technology for developing Climate Resilient Agriculture.
  • Identify the synergy Between India and Kaduna State of Africa and Tanzania and begin exchange visit Kudan of state of Nigeria, Collaborates: Nigeria
  • Round Table Meet, Building gaps & barriers to Climate Smart Agriculture at FAMU – Florida, USA.

Some of the immediate interventions are to:

  • Consolidate existing leanings into a well structured body of knowledge that can relate successful experiences that can be communicated to enable suitable adaptation of practices to strengthen locally relevant action for sustainable development.
  • Capacity building Programme- farmers, Youth, Faculties, Women
  • Think Tank meet, Round table Meet at national and International level.
  • Action Research
  • Organized exhibitions and Side Event at national and International level
  • Develop a dynamic dissemination system using state – of – art ICT tools and other modes to optimize interactions with stakeholders.
  • Analyze empirical information about impacts of global warming on livelihood especially in rural areas and articulate appropriate policy prescriptions for mitigation and adaptation Identify suitably adaptable experiences and documented same and disseminate.
  • Developing crop practices in arena of climate change in livestock and Fisheries Management.
  • Better understanding of absorption of CO2 and release of oxygen by crops, grasses, plants and trees under different agro climatic conditions;
  • Value added in agriculture for making it a resilient source of economic and environmental well being &
  • Communicate with national and international organizations involved in mitigation and adaptation to mainstream agriculture and prevent relegating it.
  • Promote Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Promote Climate Smart Villages and cities.
  • Develop Knowledge Multiplier Model